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Vision of Hope is always looking for volunteers. Please contact us at for more information on how you can get involved. Volunteers have helped Vision of Hope design income generation projects, write grants, and so much more. 


Plan an event or fundraiser

Don’t have any funds to donate, but have a little time? Plan an event to raise awareness about gender equity, gender-based violence, or the need to increase girls’ access to education. You could throw a party in honor of VoH and collect donations to support school funds, food, or medical supplies. Be creative — and contact us so we can help!


Donate to support our work

Vision of Hope operates on a shoestring budget, with the support of many small individual donors and volunteers. The current state of the Zambian economy has made daily operations even more difficult than usual for VoH. The shelter and program is in dire need of any amount, large or small, that you can offer. Consider a monthly donation of $5 per month — about the cost of a latte — or give whatever you can today.


Send a girl to school

Education is one of the greatest needs for girls and young women at VoH. Donate the amount needed to pay school fees for one year, including uniform and school supply costs. Send a girl to school for $300 a year, including school fees, uniforms, shoes, and a school bag.