Our Program

Our Program

Building a safer Zambia, one child at a time

VoH is the only organization serving the specific needs of female youth on the streets in Zambia. We work to change the future of girls in crisis, prevent streetism, and build a Zambia where girls and women are free from exploitation.


Our program is designed WITH, not FOR, the girls at VoH

We are constantly examining and refining our program activities based on open feedback and communication with the girls. Below are Vision of Hope’s top priorities:

Life skills are the foundation of Vision of Hope’s program. Learning life skills can instill confidence, self-esteem, decision-making strategies, and hope within each girl.

Education is critical to improving girls socioeconomic status, presenting them with more opportunities for their future. Vision of Hope is dedicated to assisting and supporting each girl to reach her educational goals by providing school fees, supplies, and mentoring services at the VoH shelter.


Health education and access is fundamental to VoH’s work. Whether it relates to sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), HIV prevention, or the symptoms of malaria and tuberculosis, health education empowers each girl to make informed and safe decisions. VoH connects children to routine medical care and encourages youth to build trusted relationships with healthcare professionals. For our HIV positive youth, VoH supports adherence to antiretroviral therapy so every girl has the possibility of a long and healthy life.

Skill training/financial literacy is designed to empower girls economically. Some of the trainings including rug-making, gardening, cooking and other income-generating activities. (Insert more here – based on demand from youth, combats girls returning to the streets, etc.)

Counseling is available and strongly encouraged for each girl that enters our program. We provide on-site mental health, drug and alcohol and trauma counseling.

Community prevention and outreach is an important part of our daily work. Vision of Hope collaborates with schools, churches, clinics, and community organizations to combat social stigma and factors that contribute to children resorting to the streets as their homes. Outreach workers also work in the community to fight gender-based violence and exploitation, and provide counseling and support to community members in need.

Child rights are largely unknown to at-risk girls. Vision of Hope works to educate each girl of her rights and how to protect and advocate for them, including the rights to privacy, education and safety.